Capital Campaign 101 – How to Fundraise For Buildings, Equipment, & Vehicles

By Sandy Rees

A Capital Campaign is a special kind of that raises money for capital items like buildings, equipment, and vehicles. It can take several months to several years to conduct a Capital Campaign from start to finish. Here are some basic steps involved in a Capital Campaign.

1. Conduct Feasibility Study. In this preliminary stage, an independent third party conducts interviews with various donors and community leaders to see if they would support a capital campaign for the organization. You can glean a lot of good information from these interviews.

2. Identify Campaign Leadership. A Campaign Chair and committee are selected, usually from the organization’s Board of Directors and prominent community leaders.

3. Develop Case Statement. This is a document that answers the questions of how much money is needed, how it will be used, why it is needed, etc. It can be a brochure or a multiple-page document.

4. Develop a Gift Table. A Gift Table is a tool for identifying the number of gifts and gift amounts that will be needed to complete the campaign. This also helps to estimate how many donor prospects are needed and at what levels.

5. Train the Board. The entire Board will need to participate in the Capital Campaign. Good training will help everyone feel comfortable in identifying prospects, ranking them, and making an Ask for a gift.

6. Identify the Prospects. This activity is done with Board, staff, specific donors and community leaders. It’s a discussion of various donors done in a confidential setting to estimate the likelihood of giving of various donor prospects.

7. Conduct the Campaign. Execute the plan! Cultivate the donor prospects, make the Asks, steward the gifts, thank the donors, etc.

8. Celebrate! Remember to celebrate the efforts of the individuals involved in the campaign and the generosity of the community.

3 Keys to Successful Fundraising

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